Best Poker Site For Freerolls

It is no easy task to siphon through the hundreds of online poker rooms on the internet today to find the best site for freerolls. I should know; I’ve just spent a great deal of time doing just that. Why, you ask? Curiosity played a part I suppose, but also so that I can help other online poker players discover the best poker site for freerolls, without taking the time and effort to research it themselves.

When seeking out the best poker site for freerolls, I based my decision on several factors. First and foremost was the frequency of freeroll tournament availability. I also took into consideration the type of prizes up for grabs, and size of cash prize pools. Let’s face it, free or not, if you’re going to play a long multi-table tournament, you at least want to get a decent payoff, involving real cash, for your effort.

Best Poker Site for Freeroll Tournaments

The best idn poker site for freeroll tournaments, all things considered, is Full Tilt Poker. This online poker room offers four freeroll tournaments each and every day with a real cash prize pool of $150 for each. There are absolutely no requirements to enter – no points needed, no VIP membership required – any member of the poker site can enter.

Full Tilt Poker also offers a wide variety of regionally-restricted freerolls, accepting only entries from players who live in the UK, or Ireland, or whatever country the freeroll is open to. This set-up eliminates mass competition, making it a little easier to pocket some of those prize dollars.

Full Tilt is the best poker site for freeroll satellites as well, launching the winner(s) into a seat in a bigger tournament, including live events like the WSOP, WPT, EPT and more.

Choosing Full Tilt as the best poker site was not easy, as there are drawbacks to playing freerolls at the online poker room as well. For one, the competition is not as soft as some other poker sites. Even freerolls can get rather tight long before reaching the money bubble. Also, even though the freeroll holds up to 7,500 players, it doesn’t take long for the seats to fill up once registration opens, so you’ll have to be quick to grab one before they’re all gone!

Best Poker Sites for Freerolls?

If Full Tilt Poker doesn’t suit your fancy, or if you’d just like an alternative choice to compare to, the next best place for freerolls would be PokerStars. This online poker room is often considered theĀ best poker sitesĀ in the entire industry in multiple categories, like highest player traffic, most weekly guaranteed prize pools, large game variety etc.

In terms of freerolls, Pokerstars does pay out a nice bit of free cash on a daily basis, but you’ll need a few poker points saved up to get in on the action. There are multiple daily freerolls with $500 and $1,000 prize pools, with 10 point and 20 point entry requirements respectively.


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