Multiplayer Golf Games

To play a good game of golf, all you need to do is bring along your virtual clubs, ball and virtual buddies. Golf games come in all varieties, and multiplayer versions are one of them.

One of the best rated multiplayer golf games is the Albatross 18. It is set in a dreamlike fantasy world where you get to change roles and be part of the tranquil beauty around you. It has multi-player tournaments and upgradeable roles which can be achieved by magic potions and special tools.

A multiplayer golf game is one which allows you to compete with as many as four other players. Nintendo’s True Swing Golf is also another fantastic game with the same option. It also lets you play with a foursome, and has a wireless multiplayer option with just one game card. You can also undergo character customization while playing the game.

mariobet giriƟ Advance Tour is also another brilliant multiplayer game which won the best overall game award for the Game Boy Advance in 2004. As with other games, you can partake of a tournament with four other players and play a variety of games at all kinds of levels. Mario Golf has also done away with the wires and tangles which keep you and your gaming partners too close for comfort. They have introduced the Wireless Adaptor.

But it also has a second option for those of you who want to go the cable way. Simply install it with a link cable. Multiplayer golf games are a good way to pass the when you are just chilling indoors with your game buddies. It’s a good way to liven up a boring party or to have fun with your family at home. Multiplayer golf games are available online at numerous websites. It is advisable to download and play the demo version before purchasing it.


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